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                            How to distinguish between combing and carding of

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                            According to yarn ingredients

                            1. pure spinning pure yarn is composed of a fiber spun yarn, such as yarn, yarn and spun silk yarn etc.. These yarns are suitable for making pure fabrics.

                            2. blended yarn is made of two or more than two kinds of fiber spinning yarn, such as polyester and cotton blended yarn, wool and viscose blended yarn, etc.. Fabric of such yarn used to highlight the advantages of two fibers.

                            According to yarn thickness

                            1. coarse yarn: coarse yarn refers to the yarn of 32 and over (18 inch and less English). Such yarn is suitable for thick fabric, such as tweed cloth, etc..

                            2. medium yarn: medium yarn refers to 21~32 (English, 19~28, British branch) yam. Such yarn is suitable for medium and thick fabrics, such as cloth, khaki Hua Dane, etc..

                            3. fine tex: Fine Tex refers to the yarn of 1 廣20 (English, 29~54, British). Such yarn is suitable for thin fabrics, such as cloth, poplin, etc..

                            4. extra fine yarn: ultra fine yarn refers to yarn of 10 and below (58 inch and above). This kind of yarn is suitable for high grade fine fabrics, such as high count shirts, worsted sweaters and so on.

                            According to spinning system

                            1. worsted worsted yarn or combed yarn, by means of combing yarn, including yarn combed and combed yarn. Parallel straight fiber yarn evenness, high degree of finish, but the cost is higher, the higher the yarn. Combed yarn is mainly used for advanced fabrics and knitwear of raw materials, such as finespun, Hua Dane, tweed and woolen sweater etc..

                            2. coarse woolen yarn spinning or woolen yarn or carded cotton yarn, refers to the comb spinning system as a general, not through combing yarn. Spinning more in the short fiber content, fiber parallel straightness, loose structure, hairy, count low, poor quality. Many such yarns and knitted fabrics for general materials, such as woolen fabrics, cotton fabrics, more specific.

                            3. waste spinning waste spinning refers to the use of textile waste (waste cotton) or mixed with low-grade raw materials spinning yarn. The poor quality of yarn, soft, unevenness, impurity, poor color and fabric to fabric generally only coarse cotton blanket, terry cloth and packaging base.


                            According to spinning method

                            1. ring spun yarn is a yarn made of twisted spinning with traditional spinning method. The yarn is wrapped inside and outside, and the yarn structure is close and strong, but the production efficiency is limited due to the twisting and winding work of a set of mechanisms. Such yarn is widely used in all types of fabrics, knitted fabric, rope in.

                            The free end of the free end of the yarn yarn

                            2. refers to the high-speed rotation of the rotor flow field in electrostatic field or the Fiber Cohesion and twisting yarn, twisting and winding the yam by different parts, high efficiency, low cost.

                            The airflow yarn: rotor spinning yarn is also known by air flow, at high-speed fiber spinning rotary cup pool twisting yarn output. The yarn structure is more fluffy, wearable, evenness and more bright than the ring spun yarn, but its strength is lower. Such yarn woven fabric is mainly used in bulk solid plain cloth, velvet feel good and knitwear.

                            The static yarn: yarn is the use of electrostatic field on cohesion and yarn twisting of fiber. The yarn structure is similar to the air flow yarn, and the use of the yarn is similar to that of the air flow yarn.

                            The vortex yarn: the vortex yarn is fixed spinning vortex tube in place of high-speed rotary spinning cup by spinning yarn. The yarn has more bend fiber, low strength and poor evenness, but its dyeing and abrasion resistance are better. Type of yarn used in many fleece fabrics, such as fleece, sportswear etc..

                            The cage yarn dust: also known as cage yarn friction spinning, is the use of a cage to dust on the cohesion and twisting fibers for yarn. The yarn is layered structure with big twist, hard handle, small outer twist and soft handle. This kind of yarn is mainly used in industrial textiles and decorative fabrics, and also in outerwear (e. g. overalls, protective clothing).

                            3. non free end yarn: non free end yarn is another kind of new spinning method which is different from free end yarn,

                            That is to say, in the process of twisting the fiber, both ends of the fiber strip are held, not free ends. The new yarn includes self twist yarn, jet yarn and core spun yarn.

                            The yarn from a twisted yarn is a non free end is pulled to the new yarn, yarn with two false twist by the reciprocating motion of the Luo, when the yarn is attached tightly on the parallel, detwist rotary force each other, twisted yarn. The yarn is twisted unevenly and has a twist free section on a yarn, resulting in lower yarn strength. Suitable for the production of wool and synthetic yarn, suitable for fabrics and suede fabrics.

                            The jet yarn speed jet swirl jet spun yarn is the use of compressed air generated by the yarn with false twist, after wrapped and kink and spun yarn. The yarn structure is unique, the yarn core is almost no twist, the wrapped fiber is randomly wrapped, the yarn is loose, the handle is rough, and the strength is low. Such yarn can be woven and knitted fabrics, men and women to wear blouses, shirts, sportswear and work clothes, etc..

                            The core spun yarn, core spun yarn is a filament as the core yarn, yarn spun staple fiber and outsourcing, the advantages of the core yarn and outsourcing short fiber, so that the yarn performance over single fiber. Commonly used yarn core filament has polyester yarn, nylon yarn, spandex fiber, outsourcing short fiber, commonly used cotton, polyester / cotton, acrylic

                            fiber, wool and so on. The core yarn is mainly used as sewing thread, shirt fabric, burnt fabric and stretch fabric, etc..

                            According to yarn structure

                            1. single yarn: single yarn is a yarn that has only one strand of fiber twisted. It can be spun from a raw material into pure spinning, which forms a pure fabric and can be made from two or more than two ingredients, thus forming a blended fabric.

                            2. strands: strands are twisted together by two or more single yarns. The strength and wear resistance of the yarn is better than that of the single yarn. At the same time, the strands can also according to a certain way of partnership and twisting, get second strands, three strands, such as double stranded wire and stranded wire. It is mainly used for sewing thread, knitting thread or medium strong fabric.

                            3. monofilament: monofilament is made up of a filament. Its diameter depends on the thickness of the filament. Generally used only for thin fabric or knitted fabric, such as nylon socks, veil towels and so on.

                            4. textured yarns: textured yarns are formed by the treatment of synthetic filament yarns by straightening them into curls, also known as textured or machined yarns. Textured yarns include high elastic yarns, low textured yarns, bulky yarns, and web yarns.

                            The high elastic yarn: high elastic yarn or high elastic deformation of wire has high scalability, while the bulk of general. Mainly used in stretch fabric, mainly nylon, high stretch yarn.

                            Low elastic yarn: low elastic yarn or deformation elastic yarn has elasticity and moderate swelling of pine. It is mainly used for knitting fabrics, and polyester is made of low elastic silk.

                            The bulked yarn: bulk yarn has low scalability and high bulkiness. Mainly used for knitting wool, underwear or outerwear fabrics require good bulkiness, which is typical of acrylic bulked yarn, also known as cashmere.

                            The network wire network wire, also known as cross network silk, silk and chemical fiber are in the process has not yet been formed, let some silk cohesion formed together. The silk feels soft, loose and has a good wool like effect. It is used more for women. In recent years, popular golf is also made of this silk fabric.

                            5. fancy yarns: fancy yarns are yarns obtained by various processing methods to obtain a particular appearance, feel, structure, and texture. 

                            There are three main categories:

                            The color line: the color line refers to a certain proportion will be mixed with the base color fiber yarn in the fabric, the yarn exhibits a distinctive length, the size of the color, color yarn, such as color line, rainbow line etc.. This kind of yarn is mostly used for women* s wear and men' s jackets.

                            The fancy yarn: fancy yarn is the use of super feed yarn principle with a variety of appearance characteristics, suchas circle lines, bamboo lines, spiral lines, seed lines. Such yarn woven fabric feel fluffy and soft, warm and good, and the appearance of unique style, three-dimensional sense of strong, can be used for thin summer fabric, but also can be used in winter heavy fabric, which can be used as a clothing fabric, but also can be used as decorative materials.

                            The special fancy yarn: special fancy yarn mainly refers to gold and silver, chenille yarn etc.. The gold and silver silk mainly refers to the aluminum piece sandwiched between the polyester film piece or steamed on the polyester film to get the gold and silver thread. It can be used either as a fabric or as a decorative sewing thread to make the fabric shiny and bright. Chenille is a kind of special fancy yarn, fiber is about the core holding in the stock yarn, like a bottle brush. It is soft and widely used for flocking fabric and tassel fabric.

                            According to yarn usage

                            1. woven yarn: woven yarn refers to the processing of woven fabrics used yarn, divided into two kinds of warp and weft. Warp yarns are used as longitudinal yarns in fabrics. They have the characteristics of greater twist, higher strength and better wear resistance. Weft yarns are used as fabric transverse yarns, with less twist, lower strength, but soft features.

                            2. knitting yarn: knitting yarn is the yarn used for knitting. Higher yarn quality, less twist, moderate strength.

                            3. other yarn: including sewing thread, embroidery thread, knitting lines, miscellaneous lines. Depending on the use, the requirments for these yarns are different.

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